Real-time or recorded high-resolution video monitoring for domestic, retail or business premises

CCTV is everywhere: in our streets, on transport, in our homes and workplaces. At Crane, we offer the highest quality solutions with high-resolution imaging to help with the detection of crime and the investigation of incidents.


Working in partnership with some of the world’s largest CCTV manufacturers, we advise, design, supply, install, commission and maintain a full range of the latest IP and Co-ax CCTV cameras. Tailored archive duration, secure viewing stations for authorised users, local and remote viewing – with remote monitoring virtual guard tours of CCTV systems by our Alarm Receiving Centre – means you’ll never miss a thing.


Smart systems also include software that can detect motion, loitering, left luggage, perimeter intrusion detection, fire detection, facial recognition and vehicle number plate recognition (APNR) sending an automatic alert.


Just like our systems, we cover every aspect, all in accordance with the strictest safety and privacy regulations.


3rd party SSAIB SS2003 certified for Design, Installation, Corrective and Preventative Maintenance of CCTV Systems.